Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A Visual History of Digit Books 1956-1967 (32)

Numbers R620 to R639

The Undisclosed Client  Edgar Wallace
1962 Digit Books R620

Old and New  Pearl S. Buck
1962 Digit Books R621

Revolution and Flood  Pearl S. Buck
1962 Digit Books R622

The House That Stood Still  A.E. Van Vogt
1962 Digit Books R623

Road to Within  Ruth Chomut
1962 Digit Books R624

Murder May Follow  Susan Morrow
1962 Digit Books R625

Portrait of a Marriage  Pearl S. Buck
1962 Digit Books R626

Codeword Nemesis  Bryan Haven
1962 Digit Books R627

The Day a Village Died  Richard MacGregor
1962 Digit Books R628

The Thief in the Night  Edgar Wallace
1962 Digit Books R629

Without Your Love  Kathleen Treves
1962 Digit Books R630
Copy Required

So Long as You Need Me  Kay Winchester
1962 Digit Books R631

Island of Love  Belinda Dell
1962 Digit Books R632

I'll Care For You  Kay Winchester
1962 Digit Books R633

The Unchanging Love  Dorothy Quentin
1962 Digit Books R634
Copy Required

The Whisper of Death  Vern Hansen
1962 Digit Books R635

Assignment in Eternity  Robert A. Heinlein
1962 Digit Books R636

Mission to the Stars  A.E. Van Vogt
1962 Digit Books R637

Martian Enterprise  Clifford C. Reed
1962 Digit Books R638

I the Hangman  Bert Hudson
1962 Digit Books R639


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