Wednesday 24 September 2014

A Visual History of Digit Books 1956-1967 (49)

Numbers R960 to R982

Frenzy  Jonathan Craig
1966 Brown Watson R960

The Lust Seekers  Peggy Gaddis
1966 Brown Watson R961

The Bitterweed Path  Thomas Hal Phillips
1966 Brown Watson G962

A Silent Kind of War  Jack Laflin
1966 Brown Watson R963

The Abortionists  Valja Styblova
1966 Brown Watson R964

This Strange Tomorrow Frank Belknap Long
1966 Brown Watson R965

The Other Side of the Coin  Pierre Boulle
1966 Brown Watson R966

Don't Play With the Rough Boys  Simon Troy
1966 Brown Watson R967

Summoned from the Tomb  Edited by Peter Haining
1966 Brown Watson R968

Bizarre Loves  Denys Val Baker
1966 Brown Watson R969

The Strange and the Damned  Denys Val Baker
1966 Brown Watson R970

Strange Possession  Denys Val Baker
1966 Brown Watson R971

The Chinese Executioner  Pierre Boulle
1966 Brown Watson R972

The Violent Breed  John C. Cooper
1966 Brown Watson R973

Murdered On Duty  Belton Cobb
1966 Brown Watson R974

From this point numbering continues but published with the Sabre Books Logo

All the Way  Michael Avallone
1967 Sabre Books R975

Knock Three-One-Two  Fedric Brown
1967 Sabre Books R976

The Sins of Janie Lanham  Peggy Gaddis
1967 Sabre Books R977

The Awakening  Jason Hytes
1967 Sabre Books R978

The Screaming Mimi  Fredric Brown
1967 Sabre Books R979

The Faces of Love  Denys Val Baker
1967 Sabre Books R980

Rusty  Jessamy Morrison
1967 Sabre Books R981

The Fabulous Clipjoint  Fredric Brown
1967 Sabre Books R982

The above title may or may not be the last numbered title.

Two books that have no numbers but I am sure they fit into the series are:
Ordered to Love  by Frank Clews 1960  I have placed this as R328?
It's Trad Dad by Macgregor Urquhart 1962

Other possibles that may fit somewhere:
Some Rats Run Faster  Drayton Bird 1965
One True Love  Paula Little 1966
Office Love Affair  Peggy Gaddis 1965
Death is My Trade  Robert Merle 1965
Red in the Morning  Edith Begner 1965
City Under the Sea  Paul W. Fairman 1965
Railroad to Death  John Coast 1965
Young Crankshaw  Cecil Hemley 1965

The below is a continuation of Sabre Books no numbers but do have an ISBN
These two both published 1968

The Shooting of Wild Bill Hickok  W.L. Martin
1968 Third Edition Sabre Books
ISBN 85175 131 8

Iwo Jima  Dale Corbett
1968 Third Edition Sabre Books
ISBN 85175 133 4

Many thanks to Steve Holland for his help over the years
and his Digit Checklist produced in the 1980's for Richard Williams.