Monday 15 September 2014

A Visual History of Digit Books 1956-1967 (33)

Numbers R640 to R659

Terror in the Modern Vein  Edited by Donald A. Wolheim
1962 Digit Books R640

One Step Beyond  Lenore Bredeson
1962 Digit Books R641

City Starlight  Kay Winchester
1962 Digit Books R643

Legacy of Love  Frances Sarah-Moore
1962 Digit Books R644
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A Lion Among Ladies Margaret Locherbie-Cameron
1962 Digit Books R645

Reach Out for Love  Kathleen Treves
1962 Digit Books R646

Daredevil  Leslie Charteris
1962 Digit Books R647

X Esquire  Leslie Charteris
1962 Digit Books R648

The Day Khruschev Panicked  George B. Mair
1962 Digit Books R649

The Passionate Land  Geoffrey Wagner
1962 Digit Books R650

Killer to Come  Sam Merwin Jr.
1962 Digit Books R651

Galaxies Ahead  Terence Haile
1962 Digit Books R652

Ripe for the Plucking  Oliver Anderson
1962 Digit Books R653

The Mind Master  A.C.G. Clarke
1962 Digit Books R654

Sanders of the River  Edgar Wallace
1963 Digit Books R655

The Bandit  Leslie Charteris
1963 Digit Books R656

The Secret Battle  A.P. Herbert
1963 Digit Books R657

The Touch of Evil  John Rackhan
1963 Digit Books R658

Doctor Crippen  Leigh Vance
1963 Digit Books R659
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A Visual History of Digit Books 1956-1967 (24)

Numbers R460 to R479

  Terror in the Modern Vein   Donald A Wolheim
1961 Digit Books R460

The Fall of the House of Usher  Edgar Allan Poe
1961 Digit Books R461
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Route of Evil  Shay Pace
1961 Digit Books R462

The Short Stories of Liam O'Flaherty
1961 Digit Books R463

The Companions of Jehu  Alexandre Dumas
1961 Digit Books G464

Confessions of a Young Man  George Moore
1961 Digit Books G465

The Changeling Worlds  Kenneth Bulmer
1961 Digit Biiks R466

The Last Warrior  Tim Carew
1961 Digit Books R467

One Step Beyond  Lenore Bredeson
1961 Digit Books R468
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Five Golden Hours  Hans Wilhelm
1961 Digit Books R469
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Behind the Smiling Moon  Michel Fourest
1961 Digit Books R470

Broken Doll  Arthur Kent
1961 Digit Books R471

The Tyburn Talent  William Butler
1961 Digit Books R472

Persuasion  Jane Austen
1961 Digit Books R473

Death Track  Charles Trapper
1961 Digit Books R474

Escape to the Sea  Fred Rebell
1961 Digit Books R475

Lummox  Fannie Hurst
1961 Digit Books G476

Advice to a Young Critic  George Bernard Shaw
1961 Digit Books R477

Conditioned for Space  Alan Ash
1961 Digit Books R478

The Secret Visitors  James White
1961 Digit Books R479