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A Visual History of Digit Books 1956 - 1967 (1)

Digit Books were one of a series published by Brown Watson first appearing in 1956 with the first 160 or so being unnumbered, numbering started with D139 April 1958.
Mostly Fiction and reprints although some were originals, genres included Science Fiction, Crime, Battle, Horror, Romance, Esoteric with a few Westerns plus about 20 Juvenile Delinquent titles mainly reprints of American titles which included the very scarce copy of Junkie by William Lee pseudonym of William S Burroughs 1957, this was the first time printed a a stand alone novel originally published in the U.S. as an Ace Double with Narcotics Agent by Maurice Helbrant Ace Books D-15, 1953.
All books are from my collection, N.N. = No Number, years of publication given where known.

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The Smouldering Sea  U.S. Andersen
1956 Digit Books N.N.

We Rendezvous at Ten  'BLAKE' Wing Commander Ronald Adam O.B.E.
1957 Digit Books N.N.

Spy Island  Michael Annesley
1956 Digit Books N.N.

Three Men Went to War  Bernard Ash
Digit Books N.N.

Nor Iron Bars a Cage  W.H. Aston M.M.
1957 Digit Books N.N.

Dachau  K.G. Bailey
1957 Digit Books N.N.

Submarine Commander Edward L. Beach U.S.N.
1958 Digit Books N.N.

Scramble!  Richard Townshend Bickers
1957 Digit Books N.N.

Air Patrol Biscay  Richard Townshend Bickers
1957 Digit Books N.N.

Steps in the Dark  Mansell Black
1957 Digit Books N.N.

Shadow of Evil  Mansell Black
Digit Books N.N.

White August  John Boland
1957 Digit Books N.N.

The Robot Brains  Sydney J. Bounds
1957 Digit Books N.N.

The Moon Raiders  Sydney J. Bounds
1958 Digit Books N.N.

Salute the Red Duster  Commander A.B. Campbell R.D.
1957 Digit Books N.N.

Outrageous Fortune  James Campbell
Digit Books N.N.

Free Agent  Eddie Chapman
Digit Books N.N.

Railroad of Death  John Coast
1957 Digit Books N.N.

Vengeance Trail  Robert Cole
1957 Digit Books N.N.

Canyon Rattlers  Eli Colter
1956 Digit Books N.N.

The Chinese Room  Vivian Connell
1957 Digit Books N.N.
also reprinted 1959 as same edition.

Prisoner Beyond the Chindwin  Hilda R. Corpe
Digit Books N.N.

Doctor Underground C. Corby
1958 Digit Books N.N.

Guns Across the Imjin  Rene Cutforth
Digit Books N.N.

The Stone Frigate  Lieutenant John Davies R.N.V.R.
Digit Books N.N.

Captive in Korea  Philip Deane
Digit Books N.N.

Eagle Butte  Boone Denver
Digit Books N.N.

The Folies Bergere  Paul Derval
1956 Digit Books N.N.

The Deep Six  Martin Dibner
1957 Digit Books N.N.

Saturday 3 January 2015

A Visual History of Digit Books 1956-1967 (22)

Numbers R420 to G439

Breakout  Frederick Oughton
1960 Digit Books R420

An Ordinary Day  Henry Brinton
1960 Digit Books R421

The Half-Caste  Dan Cushman
1960 Digit Books R422

Vicious Circle  Charles Turner
1960 Digit Books R423

The Chastity of Gloria Boyd  Donald Henderson Clarke
1960 Digit Books R424

Mind How You Die!  Walter Slade
1961 Digit Books R525

The Garden of Allah  Robert Hichens
1960 Digit Books G526

Sextasy!  Edited by Brant House
1960 Digit Books R427

Pride and Prejudice  Jane Austin
1960 Digit Books G428

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime  Oscar Wilde
1961 Digit Books R429

Shame  Emile Zola
1961 Digit Books R430

The Master Passion  Guy de Maupassant
1961 Digit Books R431

The Miscreant  Jean Cocteau
1961 Digit Books R432

Crimes of Passion  Edward D. Radin
1961 Digit Books R433

Random Mating  Oliver Anderson
1961 Digit Books R434

The Fourth Man  A.H. Brown
1961 Digit Books R435

Single to Paris  Max Corinthe
1961 Digit Books R436

The Genetic General  Gordon R. Dickson
1961 Digit Books R437

Kiss and Kill  Richard Deming
1961 Digit Books R438

The Woman From Sicily Frank Swinnerton
1961 Digit Books G439

Tuesday 2 December 2014

A Visual History of Digit Books 1956-1967 (32)

Numbers R620 to R639

The Undisclosed Client  Edgar Wallace
1962 Digit Books R620

Old and New  Pearl S. Buck
1962 Digit Books R621

Revolution and Flood  Pearl S. Buck
1962 Digit Books R622

The House That Stood Still  A.E. Van Vogt
1962 Digit Books R623

Road to Within  Ruth Chomut
1962 Digit Books R624

Murder May Follow  Susan Morrow
1962 Digit Books R625

Portrait of a Marriage  Pearl S. Buck
1962 Digit Books R626

Codeword Nemesis  Bryan Haven
1962 Digit Books R627

The Day a Village Died  Richard MacGregor
1962 Digit Books R628

The Thief in the Night  Edgar Wallace
1962 Digit Books R629

Without Your Love  Kathleen Treves
1962 Digit Books R630
Copy Required

So Long as You Need Me  Kay Winchester
1962 Digit Books R631

Island of Love  Belinda Dell
1962 Digit Books R632

I'll Care For You  Kay Winchester
1962 Digit Books R633

The Unchanging Love  Dorothy Quentin
1962 Digit Books R634
Copy Required

The Whisper of Death  Vern Hansen
1962 Digit Books R635

Assignment in Eternity  Robert A. Heinlein
1962 Digit Books R636

Mission to the Stars  A.E. Van Vogt
1962 Digit Books R637

Martian Enterprise  Clifford C. Reed
1962 Digit Books R638

I the Hangman  Bert Hudson
1962 Digit Books R639